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Selling FAQ

Berapa biaya layanan untuk menjual produk saya di HuntStreet?

List Yourself:

  1. Item selling at IDR50,000,000 and below = 10% of selling price with a minimum fee of IDR150,000 (whichever is higher)
  2. Item selling at IDR50,000,001 and above = 5% of selling price with a minimum fee of IDR5,000,000 (whichever is higher)

Huntstreet Assist Service:

1. For Bags, SLGs & Accessories

Item selling at IDR15,000,000 and below  = 25% Of Selling Price

IDR15,000,001 to IDR65,000,000     = 20% Of Selling Price

IDR65,000,001 to IDR100,000,000      = 15% Of Selling Price

IDR100,000,001 to IDR300,000,000    = 10% Of Selling Price

IDR300,000,001 and above          =   5% Of Selling Price

2. For Shoes & Clothes

Item selling at IDR2,500,000 and below  = 40% Of Selling Price

IDR2,500,001 to IDR5,000,000     = 30% Of Selling Price

IDR5,000,001 and above         =  25% Of Selling Price

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