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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you shop on Huntstreet?

Shopping on Huntstreet is easy and fun! Browse our marketplace where tens of thousands of curated and well-priced luxury + contemporary designer items are available for you to call your own!

Visit our website or download our free mobile app via Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once there, you can easily browse by major categories or shop by your favourite brand or directly input your desired item in the search field for immediate filtering of items available for sale.

All listings on our platform will have the key item information needed for you to assess and compare. However, you can always request for more information from a seller for a specific item for sale through our Customer Service team if desired. We will obtain the necessary information from the seller for you to make an informed decision. Once you have decided to purchase an item, simply add it to your Huntstreet Bag and follow the onscreen instructions for a smooth checkout. When you have completed your check out, an email order confirmation will also be sent to your registered email account for your records. Huntstreet will then work with the seller and assist with the delivery fulfillment of your order.

Why should I buy on Huntstreet?

As the established and preeminent authentic luxury marketplace in Indonesia, Huntstreet provides a safe and trusted environment for our members to buy and sell their pre-owned luxury fashion items. For buyers, be spoilt with choices on our user-friendly platform where you can find tens of thousands of highly curated luxury and contemporary designer items to call your own! All listings on Huntstreet are pre-qualified so we only accept items that are of brand new, excellent or at the very least good-to-fair condition to be listed on our platform for sale. With over 50,000 items sold on our platform to date, our community of buyers love our wide curation of luxury designer items that are well priced well-priced, hightly curated and quality-controlled by our team of experienced specialists.

How do I get more information about an item?

All listings on our platform will have the key item information needed for you to assess and compare. However, you can always request for more information from a seller for a specific item for sale through our Customer Service team if desired. We will obtain the necessary information from the seller for you to make an informed decision.


Does Huntstreet guarantee the authenticity of items sold on the platform?

As a marketplace, Huntstreet serves as an independent platform where we connect sellers who wish to sell their preowned or new luxury items to prospective buyers looking to buy luxury items. While we have a strict Anti-Counterfeit Policy in place, Huntstreet is not affliated with nor sponsored by any of the brands featured for sale on our platform. All intellectual propoerty, trademarks and copyright remain the sole property of their respective brand owners and Huntstreet, in no way, claims to be associated with any of these brands nor do we proclaim - on behalf of the brand owners - to guarantee the authenticity on any item sold on our platform.

All items sold on our marketplace platform will still go through a stringent process of quality control and verification checks to ensure that items are indeed as represented by the seller in their listing. As the leading and largest luxury resale platform in Indonesia with over tens of thousands of satisfied customers, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a platform where our buyers and sellers feel safe and assured for their luxury fashion needs. Our team of experienced in-house experts have the industry know-how and is also well-equipped with the tools and technology to detect counterfeit items.

What if I have issues with my order after receiving it?

We pride ourselves for being the platform of choice for our community of buyers who love sourcing for luxury items that are well-priced and highly curated on Huntstreet. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we want you to love your purchases through our platform!

In a scenario where you may have issues with the item you received from your seller, please be sure to flag this within 2 days of receiving the item. You may do so by contacting our Customer Service via Whatsapp at +62 813 1920 888 or emailing us at and you will need to input specific complaint details regarding your item and include detailed photos as well. Our team will review your complaint and get back to you within 24 hours thereafter. We may, at times, need to arrange to collect the item from you for further investigation. In the unlikely event that your received item is indeed found to be non-compliant after our checks, Huntstreet will cancel the order and process a full refund to you.

IMPORTANT: Any issue with your item must be flagged within 2 days of you receiving the item, failing which your order shall be considered as final sale with no returns permissible.

How does the Quality Control process work for buyers?

Upon your purchase of an item on our marketplace, your seller is required to ship their item to our Control Centre for quality and accuracy review before Huntstreet will dispatch the item to you. Should there by any issue or discrepancy with the item sent to Huntstreet during this quality checks process, we will inform you via email accordingly.

Typically, we may propose a lowered selling price to your seller and to you for both your review and subsequent approval. However, in the event that the Seller does not agree to lower the Price despite the discrepancies, we will inform you accordingly and you will still have the option to purchase the item at your original purchase price. If you do not accept the item discrepancies nor the reduced price, you can choose to cancel the order and a refund will be processed by Huntstreet to you. If both parties agree to the lowered the Price, the order will then be processed and the price difference will be refunded to the buyer.

What is the Huntstreet Buyer Protection?

All items sold on HuntStreet are subject to a stringent verification and quality control process by our team of in-house experts and aided by high-end authentication technology.

In the unlikely event that you find any significant misrepresentation issues with the item received, you have a 2-day Buyer Protection period upon receipt of item to flag a complaint. Our Quality Control team will then further investigate your complaint and issue a refund if your claim is verified.

The following complaints is covered under the Buyer Protection:
  1. Incorrect item shipped
  2. Item is not authentic (written proof from brand principals or a Letter of Evidence from Entrupy)
  3. Item is significantly not as described (i.e., style, colour, size, obvious defects not noted in HuntStreet listing)
If no claim is made within 2 days of receipt of item, the earnings held in escrow will be released to the seller. Once payment has been released, all sales are final and no returns/exchange nor refunds will be provided.

Items that do not fit or are not suited to your taste (i.e. change of mind) is NOT covered under the Buyer Protection policy. In such instances, buyer can easily relist the item for sale on Huntstreet.


HuntStreet is a licenced partner of Entrupy - a leading global AI authentication service provider. Under this arrangement, HuntStreet may, at times, supplement our verification checks for certain brands and product categories using Entrupy's authentication service.

Upon the purchase of a handbag item from HuntStreet (brand and style exclusions will apply), you can request for an Entrupy certificate for an additional nominal fee. The digital certification will then be requested by HuntStreet on your behalf and sent to you electronically thereafter. Please be aware of the following important information regarding the enforceability of Entrupy's certification:

1) The Entrupy certification is issued only to their licenced partner and cannot be made under an individual's name
2) Each certificate is valid ONLY for one year from the date of issuance and may not be extended
3) Dispute of authenticity of any items can only be raised by the certificate holder.

Upon the expiry of the certificate, clients who wish to recertify the item with Entrupy can do so again. Fresh new certification charges apply at the time of request (contact us for full details). HuntStreet shall not be responsible for any item/claim brought to us for an item that was previously certified by Entrupy for another licenced holder.


What shipping services does HS provide?

HuntStreet provides the following options for delivery:

1. Logistic Service (JNE - YES / REG)

  • JNE-REG = Delivery time may vary from 2 - 3 days (JABODETABEK area) or 4 – 5 days (outside JABODETABEK).
  • JNE-YES = Delivery time may vary from 1-2 days.

2. Courier Service (Grab/Gojek) for same day delivery service.

How long does it take for my purchased item to ship?

Delivery timeframe may differ for each item sold due to the location of the seller but you can always find this information indicated under 'Shipping Information' in every listing. Generally, all purchased items will be shipped between 1-7 working days from our Control Center after your purchased item has been sent to us by your seller for quality control checks and inspection. If the item that you've purchased has the 'Express Shipping' option indicated, it will be shipped out to you either same day or next working day. Should there be any anticipated delays to your shipments, Huntstreet will immediately inform you.

*Please note that for orders with Multiple Shipment Dates, the order will be shipped after all items have arrived at our facility. If you would like certain items to be shipped first, we advise you to check out separately.

What are the shipping costs?

Huntstreet offers standard free shipping for domestic orders above IDR 5,000,000. For domestic orders below IDR 5,000,000, the shipping fees charged will depend on the size of the package, the shipping destination, and the type of shipping method chosen.

Can I change my shipping address?

Should you need to change your delivery address, you may do so by notifying our Customer Service team via our app or send a WhatsApp message to 0813 1920 8888. (Max. 2 Hours since transaction was succesfull)


Changes to delivery address can be arranged with sufficient notice but we regret to inform that we are unable to make any changes once your item has been dispatched. Huntstreet shall also not be liable for your package in the event of a non-delivery or delivery to addresses that you might have wrongly indicated. It is therefore important that you check your inputted shipping address prior to purchasing an item.

Does Huntstreet provide international shipping?

Presently, HuntStreet ships only to Indonesia and Singapore. If you are an international buyer located outside of these 2 markets and wishes to purchase an item on our platform, you can easily contact our Customer Service team via email ( or send a WhatsApp message to +62 813 1920 8888 for shipping fee quote to your country. Please be advise that all costs associated with the purchase transaction will be the responsibility of the buyer

Are there any shipping rules or restrictions that I should be aware of?

  • Damage and loss in the shipping process will be borne by the shipping service.
  • If the item you purchased is damaged or lost, HuntStreet will assist you in contacting the relevant shipping service. Even so, HuntStreet will still advise customers to insure the purchased items, so that risks can be anticipated.
  • The buyer is responsible if JNE and GoJek or other courier service providers cannot deliver the goods because the address is incomplete, there is no recipient at the address, or the recipient refuses the goods that have been sent.
  • If the goods are returned to HuntStreet, the buyer is required to pay the return shipping fee, if the fault is with the buyer. Whereas if there is a delivery error on HuntStreet's side, HuntStreet will provide free shipping to the buyer

How do I track my order?

You can easily track your order via your Dashboard under "My Purchases" to find out the status of your shipment. Our robust interface allows you to track each step of your purchased item - from the time of purchase, to shipment prepation, quality control checks and the last mile delivery to you. You will also receive an email notification when the package is en-route to you.


What is a Huntstreet Store Credit Balance?

Huntstreet Store Credit are shopping credits in your account that can be used to purchase desired luxury items on our platform.
You can get Store Credit from converted Earnings (if you are a seller) or from a returns of items that you have purchased on the platform. Please be also advised that Store Credit can only be used for purchasing of items on our platform and cannot be converted into cash.

What payment methods are accepted on Huntstreet?

Huntstreet provides a variety of convenient payment methods for our buyers and these include:

  • Credit/debit card using Visa/MasterCard
  • Installment plans between 3 - 6 months
  • Direct bank transfer to Huntstreet's bank account as an escrow service. We will release the payment to the seller once the buyer has received the item
  • Huntstreet Store Credit can be used to offset your purchases
Please note that every selling price on HuntStreet's platform has been subjected to transfer and administration fees so that Buyer is not charged any additional fees when completing the payment process.

How will my refund for a cancelled order be processed?

Huntstreet serves as a trusted escrow service for our buyers on our marketplace. When you make a purchase on our platform, your payment will be held in escrow by Huntstreet until your item gets shipped safely to you. Should your order ever have to be cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, Huntstreet will then assist to process the refund to you accordingly.

Typically, whenever there is a need for an order cancellation, the refund to the buyer will be processed within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Public Holidays). Buyers who use credit/debit card payments for the initial payment will have their refunds automatically returned to the same card. Depending on your respective financial service institution, your refund may take up to 14 working days to be reflected in your account.

Buyers who made payment via direct Bank Transfer will have their funds credited directly back to the same account within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Public Holidays). Buyer should ensure that their bank account number, branch address and account name is accurately and clearly indicated to Huntstreet. We shall not be responsible for any delay should a refund be returned to Huntstreet in the event wrong bank account information was provided to us by the buyer.


Why did my order get cancelled?

Orders with payments via Bank Transfer will automatically be cancelled if no payment confirmation is submitted within 1 hour after order is made. Your order may also be cancelled in circumstances where 

  • The seller is unable to ship the item within the 2-day period
  • The seller's item does not pass our Quality Control process.

In such circumstances, a full refund will be processed to you.

How could I return my items?

For items where returns are accepted, buyers must input a Return Request within 2 days after they have received their item. For items where no returns are accepted, buyer has 2 days after receipt of item to resell it without any fees. After 2 days and no notification, the item is considered final sale.

How do I submit a return request?

Return Request must be made within 2 days after receipt of order. The Return Request can be made via email ( or by contacting us via Whatsapp (+62 813 1920 888). Include the following details in your Return Request: Transaction Number, Huntstreet Item Number, and reason for return.

Please note:

  • Item has to be shipped to HS within 2 days after receipt of order. Please inform us of your tracking number via Whatsapp so we can track the items you are returning.
  • Item needs to be in the exact condition as when shipped to buyer, with all the HS tags still attached.
  • Return your item to the following address: 
   Huntstreet Control Centre

   JL. Sumenep No. 24, Menteng, Kode Pos: 10310, Jakarta Pusat
   Attn: HuntStreet Returns Team.
   Notes: Include the Return Slip in your package.

After the item has been received and reviewed by our team, the item will be cancelled and the selling price of the item (minus shipping fees) will be credited to your store credit account.

What is Huntstreet's return policy?

We do not accept returns for:
- Items on Discount/Sale
- International orders outside Indonesia
- Non-Fitted Items (Bags, Accessories, Homeware & Beauty Products)
- Items marked No Returns Accepted 
- Items that have been received for more than 2 days

- Items purchased by Appointment

For items where returns are accepted, buyers must input a Return Request within 2 days after they have received their item. For items where no returns are accepted, buyer has 2 days after receipt of item to resell it without any fees. After 2 days and no notification, the item is considered final sale. 

Please note that we only accept returns in the form of store credit that can be used to shop again on the platform.