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About #Hunt2Save

#Hunt2Save is a shopping initiative launched by in November 2016 to encourage socially conscious shopping. With #Hunt2Save, consignors are provided with a platform to sell their unwanted luxury goods and donate their earnings to a number of well-known foundations benefitting healthcare, the elderly, and education. We believe that through this initiative, shopping will be a more rewarding experience when your purchase will benefit those in need. So what are you waiting for? Shop for a good cause today!

Affiliated/Partnering charities


The teaching we apply to our students based on character building which the education is very useful for daily life both in the family and in the society. The children we teach are children in their “Golden Age” (3-7 years), where they can not get a good quality education. And in addition, we also provide nutritious food, milk and vitamins for each of our students.

Hopefully through the programs that we do, will create clean and true leaders in the future. And Pansophia’s education programs are supported by the DKI Jakarta government. For several times Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama attend our school to continue to support this program.

URL: is the only & leading healthcare crowdfunding platform based in Indonesia that aims to help fund medical procedures for patients in peripheral area and/or who cannot afford their medical bill.

Founded in late 2015, currently has fully funded over 120+ patients from widespread region of Indonesia, and secured more than IDR850million donations; as well as featured in over 100+ medias while received prestigious recognition including Asia Social Innovation Awards, Forbes Asia 30-Under-30 and ASEAN ICT Awards.

Almost 70% of all our patients are Toddlers varying between the ages of 0-5 years old with most symptoms of malnutrition, premature birth, hydrochephalus. We will proceed the donation pooled from collaboration with Hunstreet to their medical procedures and timely additional supplement (6 months-1year period) for their wellbeings.


Kkottongnae indonesia

Kkottongnae indonesia is a Korean-based social organization that focuses on the less fortunate souls of the world.

Our grand vision is to create a world where nobody is abandoned, everyone is appreciated, and to have everyone love one another as much as they love themselves.

Kkottongnae Indonesia was established to deliver God’s message to help “the poorest of the poor, who can’t even beg for a meal’. We aid those who are less fortunate, homeless, enfeebled and have been abandoned by society by providing them with food, shelter, medical care, and when the time comes, prepare a proper burial for them.